God Man Science

It is our body that hunger thrust feels hot cold pain etc.

its our Flesh that desires for riches, fame, lust etc. But the soul doesn’t need any physical things or material, what it need is peace.

Not only peace but overflowing Joy.

As in marriage two lives together with mutual understanding.

Similarly Our Body and Soul live together with mutual understanding.

For an example

When if my soul says give for Lord

the body may keep it back you are in need. This is how body and soul communicate.

both enjoy life together but their views differ.

it is the life that binds the body and the soul together. As soon as life leaves the body. (Body+Soul) are separated. Body >>>|<<<<Soul

A body having soul in it OR A soul having a body to dwellin and enjoy all physical things is a great creation of God.

its our body that tends to sin and our soul also become sinful when it supports the body on doing so.

A sinful soul cannot stand before holy God.

God = Spirit

Body =Science



A soul is the memory of life. Its a living thing without a body.

Emergence of SOUL.

When a child is born. It has body and life. After birth whatever IT learns becomes a soul. Say soul is a memory of life, it has all the knowledge and understanding, cultures, thoughts, believes its gains during is life term course in this universe living in human flesh.

Human flesh resemble mammals flesh in some way.

Two eyes, ears One nose, Four limbs so on.

What they differ is knowledge and understanding. Human has great deal of knowledge and understanding what animal doesn’t have.

Living as human being man enjoys various forms of Lust of this universe. The test of this lust holds the desire in man to remain alive more and more.

After death both male and female soul are equal. i mean to say there is no sex of soul. Soul doesn’t have any physical form. Though souls can interact with each others or among others they cannot be able to have physical relationship. Only spiritual relation will be possible among them. They can communicate from mind to mind without utterance of voice.

but Soul i think will be able to see, move around, communicate, have feelings. May or May not able to feel hunger thirst hot cold pain etc as our body feel them.

How do some of the theory tries to prove that man came out of evolution.Such a complicated human body with life,knowledge and understanding. God made male and female to establish family. All living thing can reproduce. What a wonderful creation of God how could you deny HIS existance. Why the evolution has stopped now. Why Some other creature superior to man has not evolved out till now.

Man is not able to completely understand his own body how can he understand GOD’S creation.


God is spirit and created this earth to harvest spirit for himself . We get body and life from nature (universe and Science ) as animal and plant also get it from nature. But the spirit develops as the time passes. The body and spirit grow together. Life remains in Body till death but During sleep spirit and body rests . At that time body and life can be seen but spirit is dead.

God created Universe for Man.


We differ from animals because we have spirit. As told earlier. Spirit develops and grow in our body. Whatever man see learns and understands becomes spirit.

A mentally retarded person cannot learn. His body grows but spirit cannot.

Where are our fathers and forefather gone. After completing their lives. They left us and their spirit/soul is wandering in this universe.

The peace and happiness of their soul depends on how holy life they lived in the earth during their term of life.

They are now in spiritual form and cannot communicate with this materiel world.

They will need a physical body to communicate with us.

All the living thing (Animal and plant) and nature (Universe ) follow the rule fixed for them. But man doesn’t follow the rule. He enjoys breaking the rules. Men by birth is sinful in nature. All men have sinned and cannot see God who is holy.


Let’s compare man with animals .
Man very much resemble mammals in physical and genetic. Gene difference between man and ape is little. They are close to each other. This is a reason why the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin seems to be true to some of the atheist. Who even being a great sciencetist ignore existence of God. I don’t deny theory of evolution it may be true or may not be true but in the same time I can’t deny existence of God. A super power silently watching all activities of this Universe .

Questions :-

is Universe itself God.

Is Man master of Universe.

Is Universe master of Man Is law of science same everywhere in the universe .

Is God master of both the above.

Man can see Universe but no man has seen the God. If somebody claims having seen the God, please come forward and prove it to the world.

But see the difference . Brian power of man . Man can think understand learn and memories things and also analys things or matter for better ment . Avoid doing mistake that gave him loss in also learns from experience of others. Man moves further and further like climbing up ladder of knowledge. Learning from past and inventing or discovering new things. In this race many things becomes outdated with the passage of time. Man have explored , research all the things around him whether its social cultural, industrial science arts commerce engineering medicals etc . Man study’s the finding of the past analyses it and tries to evolve something much more advanced version of the past. this tendency of man leads him to higher and higher civilization .

See the difference that a knowledge and understanding makes.

Man has various types of feeling that other animals doesn’t have.
Feeling like love anger jealous happy sad , being honoured, being dishonored, pride , greed , etc . All these feeling animals also have but in very less quantity compared to man. Animals is concerned about it survival and reproduction. It cannot think of future but remember some of the lessons of past experiences. When it’s physical needs is fulfilled it enjoys. Man pair up to reproduce but some animals birds or fish don’t pair to reproduce. The most speces powerful or healthy mates with the female.

God man science/ Universe

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